Mr. Ugur Sengelen

Experienced Interior Design Specialist

Ugur Sengelen has over seventeen years of industry experience and has worked for numerous top international interior architecture firms throughout his dual-decade tenure as one of the UAE’s most respected interior architects.

His visionary designs and relentless attention-to-detail is unrivalled in his field, with a dedication to his craft that results in breath-taking and unique final product, whatever the context.

He offers a rare blend of talent, practical, hands-on experience and creative design flair and combines this with the project management skills necessary to deliver the build stage of a hospitality, commercial or residential projects.

A graduate of Interior Architecture at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey, Ugur Sengelen relocated to Dubai during the height of the UAE’s population boom. Throughout the growth of the UAE’s key population centres, Ugur Senglen had placed himself in an essential position in providing his inimitable hand to create outstanding and thought provoking architectural and interior design projects in the heart of Dubai.

A simple mission: to provide an unparalleled service and quality in unique design solutions for a wide range of clients.

Based in the booming capital, Ugur Sengelen’s intrinsic professional skills compliment any design process; we are 2 and 3D CAD based and we communicate our designs in an expert industry standard that can be easily read and understood by both contractors and suppliers.

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